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Your Life's Mission

At the end of your days, what do you want to have stood for with your life?  What is your overarching goal for your existence?  If you don't know, that is okay.  I want to challenge you to figure out your mission if you don't already know yours.

Companies have mission statements.  I believe individuals and families can be guided by them as well.  To know what you are aiming toward helps you figure out what you need to spend your time on and what you need to discard.

Play around with ideas for your mission statement until you find what really, truly resonates with you.   You may need to write some practice mission statements, and make some scribbles and edits along the way.  Make sure that it feels right in your head, so that you will be more likely to stay true to it and follow it.  Make sure that it is a worthy guide.

Guides help you stay true.  They help you decide in times of indecision or uncertainty.  They are important.

My mission in life is to deeply know God, under…

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