Swerving and Progress

Swerving is part of simplifying.

Very rarely, if ever, is progress in a straight line.  You will set out with the best intentions, and life will throw you a curve ball almost every time.

It is important to roll with the punches and re-calibrate.  Just because you didn't get the closet cleaned out this weekend doesn't mean next weekend will be a setback also.  Just because you have your garage piled high now doesn't mean that a year from now it has to look the same.

Setbacks are part of the journey.  Progress is actually more like a stock ticker.  There are peaks and valleys but the general trend is up.  For every three steps you move forward, you can expect to go back one or two.  That is part of the process, and it is not to be feared.

One setback I had at first was, when I would purge, I would make a list of all the things I wanted to buy to "make my life better."  I would buy these things, but would determine within weeks to months that I had no use for them, really.  They would march out of my house within a few clean outs.

Over time, I got wiser.  I determined what I really need to thrive and be happy.  I have a set point for my stuff in a sense, and I do not stray far from that ideal level of material possessions, also known as "The Essential."

So, don't be afraid to adjust.  Swerving is part of the journey.  The most important thing to do is not give up.  Keep going.  You are doing fantastic!


  1. AH yes....the tango with progress....Thanks for the encouragement! Love the blog btw!


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