Replacing The Essential

Part of The Essential is having what you need.  But, there is another facet of this state of being that will be discussed today:  the ability to replace if needed.

I like to think of The Essential like a fire hydrant.  It is full of potential.  The fire hydrant can gush forth for a long, long while - massive amounts of water can pour forth to replenish.  The Essential is very similar.

In The Essential, if something breaks, or if a new need arises, a replacement or new need can be fulfilled without much stress to the finances.  That means, The Essential is not just about your stuff, it is about your finances, too.

Being at The Essential is like being a fire hydrant.  You have so much potential stored away!  You are able to be conservative for your every day finances; however, if you ever needed to, you could pour forth and replace things as needed.

Somehow, having this potential helps put your things in perspective.  Sure, you value your things, but you know you don't have to risk your life running back inside a burning house for them.  It's okay.  You can let it go.

Fiscal responsibility is a large part of the path to The Essential.  Learning to live below your means, demolish your debt, and amass savings is such a relief to those who accomplish these goals.  You rest better knowing that, because your amount of belongings are reasonable and you have been using financial intelligence, if there was a loss it wouldn't be crippling.

You don't get here overnight.  There were five years between the beginning and The Essential for me. It can be done, and it is very much worth striving for in life.



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