The Door that Simplifying Opens

Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

Those are the words of Jesus.  Today I am going to share what knocking at the door of simplification has opened in my life.  It has been well worth waiting outside for the door to be cracked so I could enter.

It has helped me feel serene in my home.  Gone is the clutter, the piles, the mess.  My home doesn't stress me out.  I find it a haven from the bustle of every day life.  It is my sanctuary, my hiding place. Tranquility dwells with me most days and evenings.   

It has helped me have much spare time.  I have spent countless evenings at home in my robe in the last ten years.  To people addicted to busyness, that may not sound great.  I encourage you to evaluate my level of stress compared to most.  I know I have time to get what I need to get done, done.  I do not hurry to one activity after another.  I have time to reflect on life, and plot my course forward.

It has helped me find focus.  I walked up to the door of simplification ten years ago bored with life and terrified of reality.  In the last decade, I have been able to find and pursue my passion.  I feel like I have a reason for living - several, actually.  I spend my time pursuing what matters to me.  When I find myself with habits and activities that don't serve me and my overarching goals, the offending things get minimized.

It has helped me retire my debt.  I have been debt-free since 2015.  It has been one of the biggest game-changers of my life to not have a mortgage.  It was worth the grueling path towards financial health.  I don't regret anything I gave up to have financial peace.  

These benefits and others are not ones I would ever easily trade.  I am able to live a life that others only dream about.  Take the time to begin the journey of simplification.

Go ahead and start knocking at the door.  It is worth it.


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