The Secret of Abundance

Did you know that you will have "more" if you desire less?

Let's say two people make the same amount of money.  Person A gets their needs met with a little, and they feel satisfied.  Person B gets their needs met after spending much more.  They, too, feel satisfied after their efforts.

Who is going to have abundance?

It is Person A.  Because after they get their needs and desires met, they have a surplus in the sense that they haven't spent everything they make.  They will feel the same sense of satisfaction, and they will have some left over.

Person B may need to spend everything they make to get their desires met.  Or, like most Americans, they may go in the red (or go into debt) to get their needs and wants taken care of to their satisfaction.  They will not have a surplus.

Remember, both people make the same amount of money.  So the truth is this:  to have abundance, you don't need more.  You need to desire less.  Contentment is key.

When you want what you have, you have what you want.


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