Family Wisdom

Wisdom takes many forms, but wisdom is always wisdom.  The proverbs of Solomon in the Old Testament state that wisdom is more to be desired than riches, and if you have wisdom, you can get the riches.

It takes wisdom to know how to handle money.  It is dubbed "financial intelligence."  If you know the value of a dollar, and treat it with wisdom, then you will know how to handle $100,000.00, because you have wisdom.

You must first have a penny before you have a dollar.  You must first have a dollar before you have 10 dollars.  Growing a nest egg requires you to be good with the small amounts.  If you aren't good with small amounts, you won't be able to handle a windfall.

Budgeting is not a practice of poor people.  It is a practice of smart people.  Frugality is not for hard times - it is for all time.  Learning how to grow money and manage risk should be part of every young person's education.  It was in mine, and the payoff is something that both my parents and I enjoy this very day.

Financial wisdom ran in my family.  If it didn't in yours, it isn't too late to start educating yourself for a better future.  Use the wisdom in  Simple Fly Life:  The Manual to get started.  Don't stop there!  Read several authors on financial topics.  See what they wrote 20 years ago - and google how their lives turned out after they were a best seller!  You might be surprised who is making good, and who went bankrupt!


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