Eliminate Excuses

Do you remember the post a few weeks ago where I issued a challenge to myself to get more bike riding into my life?  Here is the update (and some advice) as promised.

I did accomplish my goal of riding more.  It feels awesome to have envisioned something and see it come to pass in my everyday.  I want to share with you some things that contributed to my success.

First, I prayed about it.  I pray often and much, and I am a firm believer in committing things to God that I want to do, so that it is official. I want his governance on my life and his help as is good and as he wills.

Secondly, I set about eliminating excuses.  I knew my reasons for not riding.  I began to systematically overcome each cop-out.  My excuses included not having a way to strap my husband's lunch to my bike.  Not knowing how much time it would take to ride to my intended destination was another one.  Not having my bike in working condition was a barrier.

I bought bungee cords so that I could secure the lunch to my bike's rack.  I did a "dry run" to the deli to see how long it would take, and then I knew how much time I needed to budget for to make the trip.  I aired up my bike tires and dusted it off the day before, so there would be no prep when I made my maiden voyage.

It worked!  By eliminating excuses I set myself up to win.  To be attainable, it sure helps when the goal is made easy.  By putting myself in a position to win, I created an environment for my success!

I really enjoyed the last two days of fetching lunch by bike.  Biking is such a freeing activity to me.  I love flying down the road, feeling the wind, and going at a slower pace than by car.

Minimalism isn't about living austerely.  It is about eliminating the excess so that you can have abundance, and do the things that matter to you.  What matters to you?  What do you want to really do with your time and energy?  What would you do if you had the time?

For more information, tools, and tips on how to rock out a minimalist lifestyle, please order a copy of Simple Fly Life:  The Manual.  It is available on Amazon in print or ebook format.  The frugal minimalist life is how God gave me more freedom than many.  It is my honor and privilege to share my knowledge with you so you can live your best with less.  Link to order is below.


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