Coming out as a Minimalist

Circa 2014 - my thoughts then on what to expect when you find yourself identifying as a minimalist.  

First off, let me say that it will come as no surprise to your close friends and family.  They already figured out that you were a little different when you gave away your couch.  The real shock occurs with people you don’t know very well.  Coming out as a minimalist will be a mix of blessing and misunderstanding.  Let me explain.

It will be a blessing to those close to you.  You can have an open dialog about why you don’t want to get a polka-dot fuzzy throw for your birthday present...again.  Your family will realize that there was nothing personal when you gave the reindeer Christmas sweater, with matching gloves and scarf that you had been photographed in during the third grade, to Goodwill.  

Among your friends you will become reference material for small talk at the office water cooler.  “My friend Tracy?  She’s a minimalist.  No, she doesn’t sacrifice small animals...yet.”  Your friends will be in awe of your minimized home, your clean car, and the way you can get showered and dressed in 15 minutes flat.

It will also be a misunderstanding to those that don’t know you very well.  Your co-workers may think you have been fired or are on your way to quitting when you minimize your desk.  You will get plenty of “What’s that?” when you announce yourself to be a minimizer.

Persevere!  Embrace your identity!  Minimizing is a different path than most are taking these days, but what a path!  Minimalist living can help you achieve great things.  You can make time to practice the piano, or have the space in your studio apartment to become a human pretzel in your favorite yoga pose.   You can explore your creativity or explore your world.  With owning less can come more possibilities.


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