How You Can Have More Free Time

Time is the currency of your life.  Once you spend it, it is gone.  You get something in return for your time:  more money, more sleep, more memories.

What do you want in return for your time?  Do you want a bigger house?  Do you want a new car?  Do you want approval?  Do you want relationships?  Do you want freedom?

Minimalism can help you achieve several important benefits.  It can help you achieve experiences, relationships, and even freedom.

When you buy less, you can have more.  When you spend less on material goods, you have more resources (time and money) to spend on things that matter long term.  Like your children, your spouse, your parents, and yourself.

You can find ways with more time and resources to work less.  You can apply yourself to things you love, and that will love you back.  When you are no longer tethered to the idea of buying a bigger home so that you can have a hobby room, you may not need to work overtime at the job you despise.  Instead, you can use that spare corner of your current home to start your hobby, and use your free time to make the next great (fill in the blank).

When you live differently, you can live differently.  You can be like Bridget, who is introduced to you in Minimize.  She has traveled extensively.  When the chains of the consumptive lifestyle have fallen away, you are free to try new things, choose the path you want your life to take.  You can really live.

If you would like to learn more about Bridget, and other elements of minimalism, check out the first in the Minimize series, Kill your debt.  Live your dream.   Available on Amazon.  


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