Walking the Walk

Walking the walk gets difficult some times.  Especially on a Saturday night where nothing is going on and TJ Maxx is three miles down the road.  It is tempting when that urge beckons to shop to give in, or give up the minimalist path when you give in; however, it pays to persevere.

Be gentle on yourself when you are tempted, or when you fail at staying away from adventure shopping in the stores.  This minimalist life is not for the faint of heart.  It takes moxie to face the programming in your head about shopping; not give into peer pressure; and deny yourself that “high” that does very legitimately come with an impulse purchase.

If you make it a point to keep trying to live life differently, you will be rewarded.  Your wallet will thank you.  You will have different opportunities than your contemporaries.  Likely, your life will have an unhurried feel to it.

The programming in your head wasn’t made overnight, and it won’t be changed overnight.  You will still feel entitled to shop like the rest of your society, even when you can tell yourself point-by-point why it is wrong for you to go on that spree.  Some moments you will find yourself strong; other moments you will be in the checkout lane with a cartload.

You will see improvement over time.  More and more nights you will think about doing things you want to do, like walk in your neighborhood or paint, rather than wondering what is new at Pier 1.

Once the minimalism bug bites, there is no going back.  Once you see the benefits of that lifestyle you will see equally the futility of consumerism.  You may decide that you have travelled far enough down the path to suit yourself.  You may not wish to get radical.  Still, you will find that to go back to defining yourself with stuff - to spend your life in the race to get stuff - makes no logical sense at all to someone freed from the grasp of consumerism.

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