One Bite

My whole journey with minimalism and simplifying to find freedom lay before me in late 2009 or early 2010.  If someone had told me then that I would have a capsule wardrobe, very few possessions (comparatively), and that I would give up my weekly shopping excursion to TJ Maxx, Pier 1, and the bookstores, I would have been in tears.  If I were faced with how I live today at the beginning of my journey, my 10 year younger self would have broken out into a fast sprint going the other way.

What got me here was a journey of a thousand miles.  But I began with a single step.  I gave up lattes for a week.  When I began to purge, I did a little at a time (and my house was FULL of decluttering potential).  It took me a week or a week and a half working diligently in my free time to purge my entire house.  When I did my garage for the first time, it took three of us and most of the day to conquer it (it was a one-car garage, too!).  

Over time, I saw progress.  At the fifth year, I reached my perfect level of stuff.  I thought long and hard before I bought an extra tube of toothpaste or got an extra gadget for the kitchen.  I probably over thought it.  But, I would not do it differently.

One bite at a time is how you eat an elephant of clutter and debt.  It can be done, and it is so worth it!  The freedom that awaits in a debt-free, simplified life is beyond description!  The benefits you gain when you stop spending unnecessarily and get rid of the excess will help you live the life of your dreams!  

Along the way, you can unlock your passions or find time to devote to your passions.  You can have a better financial picture, simply with spending less (changing jobs is not necessary).  You can have less stress with less debt and clutter.  It is so worth it to make the changes and live your best with less.

Want to start your own journey?  Take me with you!  The Manual for Simple Fly Life is packed with helpful tips and tools (that won't clutter your home) to get you started towards a life of more with less.  I doubt you will regret the trades you make to get more time, money and less stress.  Begin today!


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