The End of the Purge

There comes a finality with the heart of the decluttering process.  Once the downsizing has been completed, the maintenance begins.  

This can be an adjustment period for certain.  You may spend years of purging seriously and drastically.  Over time, you will find yourself at The Essential.  Once you are there, you undergo an adjustment.

For me, that adjustment was that my inward focus became outward.  I wasn't focused on my things any more.  I had dealt with them; eliminated the unnecessary; and I was done.  So, I began focusing on how I could bless others with my knowledge and talents.

Minimize Ministries was born the year I reached The Essential.  It was my ministry.  I funded it privately and taught several through counseling sessions for budgeting with individuals and families, coaching sessions for decluttering, and presentations in groups to educate about minimalism - the benefits, the philosophy, and the way to get started.

I had a blast doing that, and wanted to make it my full-time occupation.  That dream came true in 2019 when I went into business as Simple Fly Life, first part-time and then full-time in November.  I have worked so hard the last 9 months, and I have enjoyed almost every minute of it.  It is truly a labor of love.

If you would like to learn for yourself the heart of what I teach, the Manual for Simple Fly Life is waiting!  Pages and pages of great information and tips and tools to get started living better with less.  Get your copy today!


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