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How Minimalism and Frugality are Better for the Environment

  For many a season we have known that minimalism and frugality combined gives freedom.  We have known that those two lifestyles have the power to give more time, more money, and less stress to those that practice them.  But, did you know it is a more sustainable way to live? When you are holding on to your money because you are frugal, you aren’t consuming goods.  When you are a minimalist, you aren’t buying anything you do not need.  So the frugal minimalist does not contribute to the demand for goods like a common consumer would. The frugal minimalist will buy less; and when they buy, they tend to go for quality over quantity.  The clothing choices that a frugal minimalist will make will tend to stay out of the landfill longer.  This is because the frugal person will purchase clothing items carefully, and will choose durable over fast fashion.  The minimalist will be ruthless on fit, because each item has to pull its weight in a capsule wardrobe situation where there is not ro

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