The Nature of Beauty

We all know and understand that physical beauty is temporal.  In our youth, we are cute and adorable.  As young adults, we can be strong and slim.  Beauty is fleeting, and maturity has a different appearance.

Decluttering has some similarities.  In the beginning, a decluttered area is so pleasing to the eye.  My clients (and myself when I was decluttering) may go back to look at progress made on a closet or corner of the room several times.  This is a normal and natural event, and it should be experienced repeatedly.  It is part of the bonding with progress.

With time, the decluttered space loses its mystique.  It becomes your everyday.  This is not to be dreaded or feared.  When you accept that the changes you make will lose their luster, it sets you up for something magical.

When I was young, I needed change.  I needed my environment to be fresh.  As a child, I would enlist my parent's help to change my room around.  (Mom finally put a cap on the frequency and was game to change things only 2X per year.)  As a young adult my apartments went through many phases.  When I got my own home, I rearranged.  Something began to happen as I decluttered more and became more minimal.

I became satisfied.  I didn't need to constantly switch out wall art or knickknacks.  When I kept what mattered to me, the things began to have permanent homes that stayed intact throughout the years.  I didn't need new and different just to be different.  When we upgraded, it was because there was a need.

I still find much beauty in my home, but it isn't sparkly and shiny in my eyes.  It is mature.  I enjoy the pieces I have chosen, and I am satisfied.  I don't need different.  I have enough.

As time and decay march on, things will need to be updated and replaced.  That is different than being driven by a gnawing and an inner race to surpass the imaginary "Joneses" in our heads.  Maturity is beautiful, though maybe not exciting.  It is great to be satisfied in life.

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